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Since GXtest is Remote WebDriver compatible, running UI tests on the cloud using Saucelabs or any similar service is easy. You will just need a Saucelabs account (user and accessKey). 

Once you have it, replace them properly on the following code example:

//Run on the cloud, on any browser / device / PC  (saucelabs)
&driver.AddCapability("browserName", "MicrosoftEdge")
&driver.AddCapability("platform", "Windows 10")
&driver.AddCapability("version", "16.16299")

This example will launch your test using Windows 10 and Edge v16. 

You can change the platform, browser, and version using Saucelabs Platform Configurator.

Using Saucelabs you will be able to:

  • Run tests over thousands of browser/platform combination sets
  • Scale and run tests in parallel
  • Forgetting about provisioning browser / OS
  • Video recording and test dashboard. 

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