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Useful to discover the percentage of objects that are unit-tested. This window displays all the objects considered as unit-testable, along with their status:

  • Covered: the object is called from at least 1 unit test.
  • Not Covered: the object is not called from any unit test.
  • Ignored: the object is set to be ignored, so it does not count towards the percentage calculation.

By default some objects are set as ignored if:

  • the object has the property Generate Object = False
  • the object is set as generated (by patterns or extensions)
  • the object is a Data Provider used to populate data for a Transaction


In this example, the KB contains 21 unit-testable objects, of which 10 are set to be ignored. So, as there are 2 covered objects out of 11, the coverage for the KB is 18%.


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