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Agile Development is a philosophy based on agile manifesto and it is not only about increasing productivity and releasing software more frequently: it’s about working differently. Nowadays, this term has gained a lot of popularity within the Dev community due to the notable results it brings to the projects. It allows you to work more efficiently and deliver value to the customer more rapidly, therefore, it provides you an opportunity for gaining a competitive advantage on the market.

The most popular agile development methodologies are: Scrum, Extreme Programming or Kanban. Any development methodology chosen serves to implement DevOps within organizations.

With regard to the processes related to DevOps, you should see what are the tasks that are performed every day to achieve an agile process and automate all possible tasks so that they flow and can achieve the agile deliveries mentioned.

For that it is necessary to define a Pipeline that allows all these tasks to be executed automatically.

 In software, a pipeline represents a chain of processing elements arranged so that the output of each element is the input of the next. This implies that the pipeline breaks down software delivery into several stages which verifies the quality of the new features and prevents bugs from affecting users. The goal of the pipeline is that if issues are detected, feedback is generated to the development team in each stage of the process.

With the purpose of implementing a pipeline approach, it is imperative to automate everything you can in each stage. The stages must have the automation to run tests, provision, deploy, set up, and configure the testing and staging environment because that is the way developers are going to be able to receive feedback. Every time code is added to the pipeline, a method of validation must be defined. As the code is passing through the stages, it is being tested and providing feedback on the status of it.

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