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This list of GXtest commands is designed to control test execution over the browser (on the desktop and mobile OS). This is achieved using an adaptation layer (External Object) that wraps the WebDriver protocol.

This actions to handle test automation over browsers can be grouped into 5 categories:

Driver and Browser Automation

WebDriver: Start and end test sessions (locally or remote) using Web Driver protocol. 

Browser: Handle window size, take screenshots, navigations (back, refresh, forward), etc.

Waits: To wait for specific elements to be present (or visible) on the webpage. 

Timeouts: To set timeout values (explicit, implicit, and page load).

Mouse and Keyboard actions

Click: Send click and double click events for controls.

Type: For text typing into different controls (after clearing the current text)

Select: For choosing options on combo boxes

Keystroke: For sending keys to different controls. 

Mouse Move: To move the mouse pointer to a specific position. 

Edit Content: To edit content of special HTML5 controls.

File Upload: To upload files. 


Control Presence: To check the presence of a control.

Control Enabling: To check if a control is enabled.

Control Visibility: To check if a control is visible. 

Control Focus: To check if a control has the focus. 

Appear Text: To check if a text appears on the web page. 

Text, Values and Assertions

Get Text: To get text from controls

Get Value: To get values from controls

Assertions: Combined commands to make validations over different text, values, browser title, or any data. 

Verify: Works like an assertion of a boolean value, but can make a web test stop its execution (default behavior), and take screenshots. 

Forms, Frames, Alerts, and Windows

Windows / Tabs: To manage current windows / tabs working on.

Form Submit: To submit forms

Frames: To choose frames to work with. 

Alerts: To handle Javascript Alerts / Messages / Prompts


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