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The Commit to Server operation is executed to update a Knowledge Base hosted in a GeneXus Server instance.

Once a set of changes is completed, the Developer must publish them. Publishing changes is called Commit and requires the GeneXus Server to be active and accessible to the Developer.

Step by step

To perform a Commit operation the Developer must follow the steps below:

1) Select the Knowledge Manager >Team Development menu option to open the Knowledge Manager Team Development dialog and choose the Commit tab.


2) Press the Refresh button Commit2 to load the set of objects that have been changed locally since the last Commit operation.

3) The Developer can select/deselect the objects to Commit.

4) The developer must type a Comment detailing what these changes mean (explaining the changes to another Developer). As a rule of thumb write a simple, one-line sentence that briefly explains the Commit and then write a few more sentences providing greater detail. 


5) Click the Commit button to finish. All the changes will be packaged and sent to the GeneXus Server and the Knowledge Base will be updated. Use the Team Development output section (Output window) to verify that the Commit operation was successful.


  • Knowledge Base Environment and Version properties can also be included in the Commit operation.
  • Filters can be applied using the Filter option:


Add to ignored objects option

Using the Add to ignored objects option from the contextual menu the Developer will be able to ignore objects so that they are not sent. These will be included in the list in the Ignored Objects tab and left there until they are (explicitly) recovered in a future Commit operation.



Note: Filters can be applied using the Filter option:

Pending Commits and Ignored Objects columns

Column Description
Selection Checkbox Used to select whether the object is included in the Commit operation.
Action Icon Displays an icon showing the action performed to the object.
Object Icon Displays the icon of the object.
Name Displays the Name property of the object.
Type Displays the object Type property.
Description displays the Description property of the object.
Modified On Last date when the object was modified—causing to be included in the pending commit list. This property column does not behave as the "Modified On" of the History dialog.
Module Module to which the object belongs to.
Action the action performed to the object, the possible values are: Inserted, Modified or Deleted.
Last Synchronized Displays the date of the last synchronization, in other words, the time where the object was Updated or created by the Create Knowledge Base from GeneXus Server operation.
User User who performed the last modification.

Remind me to move changes to...

Please see Bring Changes Reminder to understand fully how to use this feature.

The Commit Number can be used to Bring Changes/Bring All Changes from another Development Version

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