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The Bring Changes reminder option allows marking a particular Commit to be applied later on another version of the Knowledge Base.

Note: This option will be only available when the Knowledge Base presents more than one Version.

How does it work?

Let´s imagine the TravelAgency scenario with the following GeneXus Server Knowledge Base structure:


And two Knowledge Bases connected to the one in the GeneXus Server Instance: one connected to the TravelAgency version and the other to the Upgrade1 version. 

When a local Knowledge Base is connected to a GeneXus Server Knowledge Base with at least two development versions, the Commit to GeneXus Server dialog enables the "Remind me to move changes to..." option.


This option enables the Developer to mark a specific commit (the one that is being made) to be applied to other versions of the Knowledge Base.

The Developer must select the desired versions on which he wants to apply the Commit later by enabling the CheckBoxes of the different versions:


In the example, the Commit operation is made in the TravelAgency version, so the only option available is to select the Upgrade1 version to set the reminder.

Once the Commit operation is complete, by opening the Knowledge Base connected to the Upgrade1 version, the Developer will be able to perform a Bring Changes operation of the wanted Commit.

To do so, open the Team Development History dialog and select the TravelAgency version (the version where the Commit was made).

The number of reminders is indicated in the source version title in brackets:


Then, those Commits marked as Bold are the reminded ones which should be applied in the active version of the actual Knowledge Base:

This means that the commit was marked to be applied to the target version.

Use the Bring Changes option to merge the changes to the local Knowledge Base and then use the Remove bring changes mark to unmark the Commit:

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