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This document explains how to install a User Control using the Install from file option of GeneXus Server.

Note: To install a User Control from the Marketplace, please refer to HowTo: Install a User Control from GeneXus Marketplace to GeneXus Server.


1. Locate or generate the corresponding ZIP file. If you already have the User Control, simply compress it into a zip file. Otherwise, if you don't have it, you can download it from

2. Select the User Controls Node.

3. Select the 'Install from file' option and the following window will be displayed: 


4. Select the corresponding ZIP file.

5. Select the 'Upload' option:


6. GeneXus Server will refresh the page, and the new control will be displayed in the list.


7. Done!

Warning: You must have the same version of the User Control installed on the server and on the development computers to avoid inconsistencies.

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