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The purpose of this section is to allow maintenance of users, groups, and permissions to access KBs in GXserver.

GeneXus Server security implies two basic concepts: Authentication and Authorization.


It constitutes the instance of connection between the user and GeneXus Server, with the possibility of two types of authentication: Local or GeneXus Account.

  • Local: In its database, GeneXus Server has information on the users that have been created in this manner (local).
  • GeneXus Account: Logging against an account existent in is possible as well as creating a new one.
Note: Authentications are configured in the Advanced tab.


It consists of the permissions associated with each user, oriented at privileged permissions at the level of each KB hosted (for instance, view-only permission, or permission only for updating, or for editing, documents, etc.), and at the level of GeneXus Server itself (for instance, managing security, user controls, patterns, etc.). To make it easier, groups (roles) can be created, associate permissions for each group, and then assign for each user the group desire.

  • Groups: provides a detailed list of all the Groups of the GeneXus Server instance and allows knowing every Group's permissions.
  • Users: provides a detailed list of all the Users of the GeneXus Server instance and allows knowing and editing each user's permissions.
  • KB Security Defaults: provides a detailed list of all the Groups and Users of the GeneXus Server instance.
Note: Only users with Manage Security permissions will be able to see and manage this Node and subnodes.

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