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Each GeneXus Server installation uses a pair of databases (GeneXus Server Storage and GeneXus Access Manager ) and then hosts a list of Knowledge Bases.

If you want to do a backup, follow these steps:

If you need to restore a GeneXus Server instance to a previous state, you will need to restore the previously mentioned databases.

If you install a new machine and want to update it with existing GeneXus Server Knowledge Bases use the GeneXus Server Storage Migrator Utility to export and import existing Knowledge Bases.

If you need to manually restore a GeneXus Server installation based on backups only, follow these steps:

  • Install GeneXus Server in the new machine
  • Within the GeneXus Server installation folder create a Catalog folder and mimic the location of the KBs hosted in the previous GeneXus Server installation.
  • Configure the knowledgebase.connection file for each KB.
  • From a command line go to the GeneXus ServerSetupUtility folder and execute:
    SetupUtility /GAM /GeneXus ServerLocation:"<VDir_Full_Path>" /ConnectionString:"<Full_Connection_String>"
    SetupUtility /GeneXus ServerStorage /GeneXus ServerLocation:"<VDir_Full_Path>" /ConnectionString:"<Full_Connection_String>"
    references the VDir GeneXus Server installation folder; Full_Connection_String is the connection string to the SQLServer use the following syntax; modify the values accordingly:
    Data Source=SQLServerInstanceName;Initial Catalog=GeneXusServerGAMDatabaseName;Integrated Security=true;
  • Activate the product
  • Install extra components such as Patterns, Extensions and User Controls
  • Restore GeneXus Server Databases
  • Restore all Knowledge Bases managed by the previous GeneXus Server instance.
  •  GAM connection (connection.gam) file needs to be updated to match the currently restored databases.
    • Update the LogSrvCon attribute from the RepLoginAdd table on the GAM Database associated with the restored database with the machine name where the new GeneXus Server installation is installed. For example:
update GeneXusAccessManagerXev3u2Sample.dbo.RepLoginAdd set LogSrvCon = 'machinename'

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