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This article explains how to configure the option 'I forgot my password' in GeneXus Server.


1. Open the web.config file located in C:<GeneXus_Server_directory>\vdir
2. Add the following entries to the 'appSettings' node:

<add key="senderaddress" value="" />
<add key="smtpauthentication" value="" />
<add key="smtpsecure" value="" />
<add key="smtpuser" value="" />
<add key="smtppassword" value="" />
<add key="smtphost" value="" />
<add key="smtpport" value="" />


      Is the email address from where the password change email will be sent to the users (for example, "").

      Is either 1 or 0 and determines whether the given 'senderaddress' requires authentication (i.e requires a user and password).
      If the 'smtpauthentication' entry value is 1, then:

  • smtpuser determines the user used to log in to the email address given in the senderaddress entry.
  • smtppassword determines the password for the user given in the smtpuser entry.

      Is the IP address of the smtp server.

      Is the port number of the smtp server. The default value is 25.

      Is either 0 or 1 and determines if the SMTP server requires SSL/TLS.1

3. Restart the Application Pool of the GeneXus Server instance.

4. Done! 



1smtpsecure key is available since GeneXus 16 upgrade 10.

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