GeneXus Server KB Activity

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GeneXus Server Activity is a tab of the GeneXus Server Knowledge Base Menu that displays a list of all the activity performed and all the information associated with the Knowledge Base.

Each element in the list shows the operation number, DateTime, Comment, operation name, and User who made the operation.

The operations can be as follows:

  • Commit: An update was sent from one of the developers' machines.
  • Update: An update was requested from one of the developers' machines.
  • Publish: A complete Knowledge Base was sent to GeneXus Server for the first time.
  • Saved by Web: The Knowledge Base was changed directly from GeneXus Server (the operation will be shown as a commit, but it will be specified in the comment that it was 'Save by Web', as shown in the image below).

GXserver Toledo ActivityTab


Note: It is possible to filter the elements by a range of dates or by the content of the comments associated with each activity.

Selecting one of the elements of the list will show a detailed list of all those objects which were part of that operation in particular.

For each element in this list, the Object name, Type and Action are shown: