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GeneXus Server KB Dashboard is a tab of the GeneXus Server Knowledge Base Menu that displays general information about the hosted Knowledge Base.



Knowledge Base

Displays general Knowledge Base information.


The following set of functionalities is available for this component:

  • Uploading an image: an image can be uploaded to identify the Knowledge Base.
  • Changing Active version: the active version can be changed by clicking on the Active Version name.
  • Changing Team Collaboration Mode Property: the Collaboration Mode property can be changed by clicking on the 'Merge' or 'Lock' option.
  • Changing Knowledge Base description: the description can be changed by clicking on the current Knowledge Base description (Manage Security permissions are required)



Shows specific information about the Knowledge Base, such as:

  • Size: shows information about the number and percentage distribution of all the objects included in the Knowledge Base.
  • Schema Size: shows a bar chart with information about the model schema; that is to say, considering Attributes, Tables, and Indexes.
  • Not Referenced Objects: lists all those objects that are not referenced by any other object in the Knowledge Base.

Latest Commits

Shows the DateTime, Comment and the Username of the user who made the latest commits to the Knowledge Base in GeneXus Server. The 'See all' option is a shortcut to GeneXus Server KB Activity.


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