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In the development process of a project, depending on the existing requirements or considerations, there are different reasons for defining versions in a Knowledge Base.

The versions created will depend on how you work on the project and also on the teams involved in it.

In some cases, the application is developed by a team of developers, which can involve one or several people. The team can be organized with all members working together to implement the required functionalities, or it may happen that each module or application functionality is implemented by different developers independently.

Application versioning will accompany the work done by the different teams involved in the project.

That's why the following four different scenarios or reasons for defining versions in a KB can be considered:

  • Defining versions for each application release
    This scenario consists of defining versions to manage the application releases in order to continue developing the new version of the application, as well as to correct errors that customers reported in the version they are testing or using.

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