GeneXus Server Error Codes

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The following list details GeneXus Server error codes.

Code Message
srv001 CheckoutFailed: Occurs when the server can not generate the data to be sent to the client.
srv002 ConnectionOK: Connection with the server went OK.
srv003 FeedError: There was an error creating the feed.
srv004 FrozenVersion: Version is frozen, you will not be able to commit here.
srv005 InvalidKB: Your local Knowledge Base is not linked to the one in the server you're trying to commit to.
srv006 KBHosted: Knowledge Base already hosted in this server.
srv007 NoHostedKB: Knowledge Base is not hosted on this server.
srv008 NoPermissionsOnDB: User not allowed to acces the data base.
srv009 NoPrototypeFound: The sent KB must have an environment.
srv010 OutOfTime: Client and Server are out of time.
srv011 NotAvailable: Server Not available.
srv012 NotValidRequest: Invalid request.
srv013 NoPermissionOnCatalog: User does not have writing permission on catalog file.
srv014 LockingMessage: Cannot perform operation on KB.
srv015 InvalidGX: Incompatible versions.
srv016 NotAuthorized: You are not authorized to perform this action.
srv017 CouldNotReadCatalogFile: Error while reading catalog file.
srv018 CouldNotGetLocation: Could not get Knowledge Base.
srv019 NoVersionFound: Invalid version sent from client.
srv020 ServerLockingMessage: Canno perform this action right now, there's another one in progress.
srv021 ServerExclusiveLock: Server busy.
srv022 WrongVersion: Incompatibility between GX and GXServer.
srv023 InvalidVersionRequested: Invalid Version Requested. VersionId:{0}, VersionName:{1}.
srv024 InvalidFolderName: Invalid folder name:'{0}'. Please send the Knowledge Base with a different alias.
srv025 RevisionNotFound: No revision found at '{0}' in version '{1}' of Knowledge Base '{2}'.
srv026 NoActionsFound: No objects found on revision '{0}' of version '{1}' in Knowledge Base '{2}'.
srv027 InvalidObjectType: Invalid object type found:{0}.
srv028 InvalidPackageObjectType: Object type {0} ({1}) by '{2}' not found.