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GeneXus Server KB Security is a tab of the GeneXus Server Knowledge Base Menu that allows the logged in user to manage the permissions assigned to specific Groups and Users in the Knowledge Base by listing the corresponding permissions for each Group or User.

The elements of the list vary depending on whether the tab selected is the Groups or Users tab.

Each element of the Groups tab shows the Group name and the Knowledge Base Permissions.



On the other hand, each element of the Users tab shows the Username and the Knowledge Base Permissions.



Note: It must be taken into account that changes made in the GeneXus Server KB Security section will not have any effect on the security of other Knowledge Bases. This means that if permissions are assigned to a User or Group using KB Security section, those changes will only apply to that particular Knowledge Base. Therefore, all the other Knowledge Bases will keep their permissions settings the way they were before the operation was performed.

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