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GeneXus Server Backups is a node of the GeneXus Server Navigation Tree that lists the backups available and allows the user to download a file containing a Knowledge Base backup. 


Each element of the list shows the Knowledge Base name, DateTime, Size and a link to the corresponding backup file of the Knowledge Base.


Note: This node is only available when using GeneXus Server Online.


For On Premisses GeneXus Server instances, there is an MSBuild task under <GeneXus Server directory>\VDir\Bin "Backup.msbuild" which performs backups of the Knowledge Bases hosted on the server.

You may customize the Backup process by passing values to any of the following properties
in the command line invocation to this MSBuild script.

Usage: msbuild C:\GeneXus\GeneXusServer16\VDir\Bin\Backup.msbuild /p:{PropertyName1}={PropertyValue1}[;{PropertyName2}={PropertyValue2}...]

Example: msbuild C:\GeneXus\GeneXusServer16\VDir\Bin\Backup.msbuild /p:BackupFolder=F:\Backups\GeneXusServer16;BackupType=Full 


Input Parameters



Usage example: /p:ServerPath=C:\GeneXus\GeneXusServer15
            Path to GeneXus Server installation: eg: C:\GeneXus\GeneXusServer16

            Default value: the parent folder of the parent folder of this file. If for example the full
            path of this file is C:\GeneXus\GeneXusServer16\VDir\Bin\Backup.msbuild the default
            value for the ServerPath will be C:\GeneXus\GeneXusServer16



Usage example: /p:BackupFoler=F:\Backups\GeneXusServer15
            Path to backup target folder
            Default value: a 'Backup' subfolder of the GeneXus Server installation



Usage example: /p:BackupType=Diff
            Backup type, either "Full" or "Diff". See SQL Server documentation on

            Default value: Full



Usage example: /p:BackupMaxItems=8
            How many backup files to maintain for the same backup type.
            For example, when creating a new Full backup, it will delete as many previous backups
            as needed so that only the last {BackupMaxItems} Full backups remain available.

            Default value: 3



Usage example: /p:SQLServerAuthentication=SQL
            Authentication type used bye the SQL Server.
            Valid values are "Win" (for Windows Authentication) or "SQL" (for SQL Authentication)
            Default value: Win



Usage example: /p:SQLServerUser=gxserverop
            User name when using SQL Authentication
            Default value: {empty}



Usage example: /p:SQLServerPassword=test
            Password when using SQL Authentication
            Default value: {empty}

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