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GeneXus Server and GeneXus Query are two separate products.

Each one of them uses a different license. However, some considerations must be taken into account if instances of the two products are installed on the same computer.

The two products must use the same Protect.dll, and it must be the newest one. This means that the user will have to look for the highest version of the Protect.dll and copy it to all the other GeneXus Server and GeneXus Query instances installed.

The location of the Protect.dll varies depending on the product:

GeneXus Server

C:\<GeneXus Server installation path>\VDir\Bin\Protect.dll

GeneXus Query

C:\<GeneXus Query installation path>\Web\Bin\Protect.dll
Note: the version of the Protect.dll can be consulted by right-clicking on it, selecting the Properties option and after that, selecting the Details tab. The version number it's the File version number. (Properties > Details > File Version).

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