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The GXserver installation creates two databases:

  • GeneXus Server Storage
  • GeneXus Access Manager

GeneXus Server Storage

The GeneXus Server Storage database holds the list of KBs this GXserver instance hosts and it's statistics. The default value is <Name of GeneXus Server instance>.

GeneXus Access Manager

The GeneXus Access Manager database holds the users Authentication and Authorization rights. The default value is <Name of GeneXus Server instance>_security.


Sharing the same database in two different instances of GXserver is not supported.
If you install another instance of GXServer specifying the same names for the databases defined in the first instance installed, there may be concurrency issues and problems in the restructuring of the catalog tables of GXserver, because the structure of the tables between different versions may vary.

If you want to update a GeneXus Server instance with a new GeneXus Server version or upgrade (for example from 15 Upgrade #8 to 16 Release or higher), check Update GeneXus Server instance

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