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When accessing the GeneXus Server Console, the login dialog will appear showing two different Authentication types: Local or GeneXus Account.

Note:  GeneXus Server Console can be only configured with authentication features.

The Local option allows the user to access the Server Console with the corresponding Server user name (for example, the Administrator user uses this type of authentication), it uses the GeneXus Server Security database to validate the user credentials.

On the other hand, the GeneXus Account option allows the user to log in with the user's personal GeneXus account. Also, it gives the option of creating one if the user doesn't have one.

GXSLogin LoginGXS


Note: when using Local authentication, the default password for the admin user is admin123.

GeneXus Server security implies two essential concepts: Authentication and Authorization.

Authentication: It constitutes the connection instance between the User and GeneXus Server instance, offering the two types of authentication mentioned before.

Authorization: It consists of the permissions associated with each User, oriented at privileged permissions at the level of each Knowledge Base hosted in the GeneXus Server instance and at the level of GeneXus Server Console itself. For more information, please refer to GeneXus Server Security.

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