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GeneXus Server is a product designed to facilitate the teamwork of developers. It offers simple, powerful and efficient solutions to the problems faced daily by teams of developers, such as:

Synchronization: between different developers. GeneXus Server guarantees that developers will be working with the latest version of the project and always aware of  its current status.

History: each object in a Knowledge Base has a revision history of its own (Activity Log). This is shown when changes are made to an object, allowing the selection of a previous revision as the current one.

Revert changes: tired of not knowing how to revert changes when something went wrong? GeneXus Server solves this with just one click on the Revert option.

GeneXus Server automates knowledge integration while strongly improving the capacity of teamwork with GeneXus.

A Knowledge Base administered by GeneXus Server enables authorized developers to send and receive modifications from the Server Knowledge Base, while centralizing business knowledge and integrating the development team.

This is possible regardless of whether team members are scattered around the world or all together at one location.


Each Developer, works individually on his/her own local Knowledge Base, independently from the rest, but synchronized with them through the GeneXus Server Knowledge Base. When the developer's work is done or must be backed up, it is sent to the Server, and this provides developers with an automatic detailed History of all changes made in every object, with the name of those responsible for each change, and the possibility of reverting the current revision of an object back to an older revision.


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