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Identifies an Object (in a Module) or a Theme-class (in a Theme object). In a Data View object, it is the name of the external physical file (or logical file in iSeries), or the name of the external index file.


Its value must begin with an alphabetic character and may be followed by alphanumeric characters and/or the underscore sign ("_") for a maximum length of 256 characters. The number of significant characters (the number of characters used for identification purposes) is controlled by the following properties:

As mentioned, in Data View objects this property is used to set the name of the external physical (or logical in the iSeries) file you want to access. In particular, each Data View object, has a Name Property associated with the object and you can also find the Name property in the Data View Structure under the Data Stores node, for each DBMS you define. GeneXus always uses the name you set under the Data Stores node for the corresponding DBMS, unless it is empty; in that case, GeneXus uses the Name property associated with the Data View object. Besides, each Data View contains the Indexes tab, where for each index you define, the Name property is available to complete the name of the external index file.

Moreover, the Name property of a Theme Class, identifies it in the Web Theme object or Theme object (i.e. if a new Theme Class is created in one Theme object, it will be replicated to every Theme object of the same nature).


  • You should avoid starting object names with "GX". This prefix is reserved for GeneXus internal use.
  • The name cannot contain blank spaces.

How to apply changes

To apply the corresponding changes when the property value is configured, execute a Rebuild All.

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