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Sets the Structured Data Type name or Business Component name whose type is returned by the Data Provider.


Objects: Data Provider


The output of a Data Provider object is a hierarchical structure. The way GeneXus represents that kind of data is the Structured Data Type (SDT) object or a collection of them. Even, a Business Component or a collection of them can also be returned.

The only way to point out the Data Provider output is by setting this property (it is not possible to do it through the Parm rule). 

Completing this property is mandatory.

If you drag an SDT (or a Transaction that is Business Component) from the KB Explorer to the source of a Data Provider, the Data Provider Output property is automatically set with the name of the SDT (or BC).

Business Component as output

The GeneXus Transaction object provides also a way to represent hierarchical data, but at the database level, through a user interface (the Form). The corresponding hierarchical structure resulting from keeping only the structure (and all the logic) but not the Form is called Business Component (BC). So, a Business Component also involves an SDT, that is, a hierarchical structure that can be used in the same scenarios an SDT can be used. For this reason, the output of a Data Provider can be not only an SDT (or a collection of them) but also a BC (or a collection of them).

There is no difference if the output of the Data Provider is an SDT or a BC. The BC structure is filled inside the Data Provider source just like an SDT.

Something important to take into account is that the object that calls the Data Provider will have to work with the result returned by the Data Provider, and execute the Insert method or the InsertOrUpdate method to perform the insertion(s) into the database. 

Properties related to this property

The following properties allow you to modify if you want to return an instance or a collection or a matrix of the type you have set in the Data Provider Output property:

- Collection property
- Collection Name property

Runtime/Design time

This property applies only at design-time.

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