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Note: There is a new version available! It's GeneXus 17.

It is thought for a world that transits towards Multi-experience and where Artificial Intelligence is breaking barriers to support massively the automation of processes and decision-making. In that world, UX, Security, and Integration are key aspects of the solutions.

GeneXus 16 covers all these areas, adds new generators too and facilitates you to create a DevOps engineering culture to move forward even faster.

GeneXus 16 has been released on September 24th, 2018, at #GX28. At you can find videos of the speeches that showed overviews of GeneXus 16, speeches with details about each main features, demos, labs (AI, Chatbots, etc) and other materials. 

Note: This documentation corresponds only to the GeneXus 16 version. To learn more about GeneXus go to the GeneXus - Table of contents


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