GeneXus Server 16 Release Notes

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GeneXus Server 16 adds more flexibility to team development and is the most secure and performant version of GeneXus Server.

This document starts with some considerations regarding installation and linking to GeneXus Server Setup for detailed installation steps. Then shows also its main features and last but not least links to all the details that have been improved.

GeneXus Server 16 Installation

To easily update to GeneXus Server 16, you can update an existing GeneXus Server 15 instance. Since GeneXus Server 16 support teams working on KBs with GeneXus 15 too, this is the recommended option, except for the case you use third-party patterns, extensions or controls that may not be compatible. In the latter case, contact your providers for advice.

Of course, if you want, you can also keep the GeneXus Server 15 instance and install a new instance with GeneXus Server 16.

Anyway, to adopt GeneXus Server 16, read and follow carefully this document: GeneXus Server Setup.

Note that, as with GeneXus, you will need to uninstall GeneXus Server 15 licenses and ask for new ones. GeneXus Server 16 licenses are compatible with GeneXus Server 15 too. This document helps you to do all the required steps.

Main Features

The most important features GeneXus 16 adds are as follows

Update to specific revision

Now you can update your local version to any revision stored in the server. By default, your local version updates to the latest of the Server, but you can choose any other.

More information at Update From GeneXus Server.

Extensions affect only the KBs which actually use it

Object's parts defined by Extensions, User Controls or Patterns are now marked as optional (automatically), this affects positively installations with K2BTools. More information at SAC 40880

Tables are handled automatically

Tables are not part of the logical model in GeneXus, they belong to the low-level physical model; so are they now handled in GeneXus Server too. They will only appear in the Commit and update dialogs if you changed some table properties.

GeneXus Server 16 is the tool for teams that build SAP Systems

Now the Server has all the necessary components to serve for team development when GeneXus for SAP Systems is used.

Detailed list of features, compatibility aspects and solved issues

Here are all the details of what has been improved and also which of what may affect compatibility

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