Generators in GeneXus 16

Official Content

We also have important news regarding the generators. All the generators were updated technologically: iOS, Android, Java, .NET to be using the latest components and comply with good practices at the level of security in the industry. In the case of mobile, you are required to be up-to-date due to store requirements, otherwise, you can not publish applications in Google Play or Apple Store.

New .NET Core Generator

We have added a new generator: The .NETCore generator.

.NET Core is the evolution of the .NET Framework, runs on Linux too, was designed to run in the cloud, and scale.
It is an additional generator and not a replacement of the C# (.NET) Generator because it requires that the different libraries also begin to be compatible with .NET Core. That's also the reason this is just a first version of the generator, which does not yet have support for all DBMSes, among other restrictions (restrictions that will be removed surely in the upcoming upgrades of GeneXus 16, as the .NET Core technology evolves, the vendors provide drivers for it, and we also update it).

More information: .NET Core Applications Development

New Apple Watch and Apple TV Generators

Wearables and TV are part of the multi-experience and the GeneXus 16 lets you take advantage of them. 

More information: Getting Started with watchOS and tvOS