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GeneXus 16 BPM Suite is the most complete and robust version of GXflow that includes performance and scalability improvements and adds support for SAP Hana, among others.

Here follows a list of the most important improvements and a link to all the details too.

Performance and scalability improvements

As you may know, the BPM Suite is completely developed with GeneXus. So it also takes advantage of the latest GeneXus features that enable high scalability and performance. 
To improve these aspects, all internal For Each commands have been improved with paging clauses so that the database queries now use databases' mechanisms for paging.
Also, different caching mechanisms are used (ref.: Caching in GeneXus applications) for caching data of tables, system parameters and sessions.

GXflow on PaaS

The scalability and stability improvements mentioned above, among others, helped that GXflow now can run on any Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment, like Amazon Beanstalk, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix or SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Hana and SAP Cloud Platform

GXflow 16 (Java) supports the SAP HANA Database, and it can now run on the SAP Cloud Platform as stated above. 

More information: GeneXus for SAP SystemsGXflow Software Requirements

New licensing scheme and improved license manager

For those high scalability purposes and be able to run on PaaS, GeneXus Flow incorporates license types for different business purposes, and a new license protection method: Native, that stores license info in the database.

A license manager is now built-in to properly configure the GXflow's installation.

More Information: GXflow license schemeHowTo: Work with GXflow license manager  

GXflows Database Schema changes

There have been made changes to the database schema in Genexus 15 Upgrade 10, so if you are moving from GeneXus 15 Upgrade 9 or prior to GeneXus 16, some special steps may need to be followed.

More Information: HowTo: Deploy a Workflow-based Application

Log info for Troubleshooting 

GXflow internally uses the Log external object to write low-level log information that facilitates troubleshooting. It does so if Log level property has been set to 'Debug' or 'All', and it writes the information under topics that start with 'GXFLOW.' to the output set by Log output property.

Sample Log:

11:18:04,768 [1] DEBUG GeneXus.Data.GxSqlCursorDataReader - Return LoadFirstBlock, Parameters: CursorHandle 180150009
11:18:04,768 [1] DEBUG GXFLOW.STATE_MACHINE - Evaluate outgoing sequence flow
11:18:04,768 [1] DEBUG GXFLOW.STATE_MACHINE - Task: 27
11:18:04,768 [1] DEBUG GXFLOW.STATE_MACHINE - Flow Type: F
11:18:04,768 [1] DEBUG GXFLOW.STATE_MACHINE - Create outgoing task : 27
11:18:04,772 [1] DEBUG GXFLOW.STATE_MACHINE - Create Workitem
11:18:04,772 [1] DEBUG GeneXus.Data.ADO.GxCommand - GxCommand.FetchSize: 1, handle '1'

More Details

Please check out the following link to read detailed information about the several improvements in GXflow 16 and also information about compatibility issues

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