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GeneXus Flow 15 brings better solutions to manage your Bussiness Process


Main features

  • A new Console User Interface is available improving the User Experience completely.
    GXFlow Console - GeneXus 15
  • It's no longer necessary to Select-Drag-Drop a node from the toolbox and then join it with other.
    Elements connectivity in the BPDiagram enhance the productivity of the BPM designer, allowing to select which symbol will be next through a contextual menu.
    BPModeler - NodeContextualMenu
  • The Clean History action has been added in GXflow Processes section of Workflow Client in order to delete process from the database using filters for dates and statuses.
  • A new license manager has been added to GXflow's UI and Licenses can be stored in the database to improve scalability and ability to run in Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment. More information ...
  • Support for SAP HANA Database added
  • Dynamic forms integration: Integrating an external dynamic form provider to GeneXus Flow
  • GXflow integration with GAM improved. More Information...

More features and information at;3;v15;0;0;F;


  • Minimum supported SQL Server Version is 2012.
  • Minimum supported Oracle Version is 12c
  • Storing licenses locally in Linux has been deprecated. More information ...
  • GXflow engine's database schema changed to better GXflow - GAM Integration and support for more subprocesses, among other.

More information about compatibility issues at;3;v15;0;0;C;

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