Embrace Digital Transformation with GeneXus 15

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We’re increasing the power for Digital Transformation in GeneXus™ 15, with more options for Data Management, Dynamic Transactions, better collaboration support, and more Cloud Providers for your business to choose where to run. Digital Transformation has never been so easy.

Modeling Data Oriented Solutions

Transactions, the basic blocks of our model, have become much more powerful. Now it’s possible to model new scenarios under a single programming interface.
The new “Data” set of properties in Transactions is the first step towards a new way of creating GeneXus applications that access different data sources, employing the same For Each command you have been using to query databases.

More information: Dynamic TransactionsInteresting case of useAutomatic data population associated with Transactions

Better Collaboration Support

GeneXus 15 allows distribution of the API and binaries of a Module and installation of it in other Knowledge Bases. This allows sharing knowledge preserving the privacy of the code, and may be the starting point of a market of Modules among the GeneXus Community.

More Information: Modules Distribution in GeneXusGeneXus Core module

Cloud Native Applications, Scalability, and Performance

“Going to the Cloud” means many things must be considered: new architecture (Client / Cloud), new services (Distributed cache, Cognitive Services, &c), and new non-functional requirements, among others. In their roots, as a prerequisite, they need to be scalable and performant.
As in the other fields, our objective is to “abstract away” some of the most complex issues related to Cloud development and deployment.

GeneXus 15's generators have been optimized for generating applications that run natively in the Cloud, specifically in Platform as a Service (PaaS) Providers like Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, SAP Cloud Platform.


More information: Cloud Native solutions with GeneXus 15

Applications Security

Generated Web and Smart Devices applications are more secure than ever and generate less traffic. Security has been enhanced too in GeneXus Access Manager's and its API has been improved.


More information: GAM Release Notes for GeneXus 15

Applications Accessibility Improvements

Web Accessibility refers to a practice where websites are correctly designed and developed so that all users have equal access to its contents and the functionality it offers. GeneXus 15 fosters Accessibility in Web and Web Mobile applications, enabling among other improvements, to add semantic content to Section Controls.

More Information: Accessibility for Web Applications, GeneXus 15 Web Generators

Code generator for the latest Technologies: Swift Generator for iOS

Multi-platform generation is key for GeneXus. So it is, generating the best possible code for each. 
GeneXus 15 brings a Swift Generator, the newest programming language from Apple as a replacement for the Objective-C generator it shipped in previous versions.

Geography data types

The new Geography data type takes advantage of the power of the DBMSes to represent and operate with geography. This allows easier digitalization of scenarios with geography, better operations performance and the creation of solutions for new scenarios.

More Information: Geography data type

Navigation Improvements

There are several improvements related to data access to mention, despite the ones already mentioned like Geography data types. These are:

  • ServerDate() and ServerNow() are executed inline in SQL sentence in the following DBMSes: SQLServer, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, DB2 UDB, DB2 ISeries (when Date Data type is not Char(8))
  • Several cases of formulas now create better navigations
  • Reorganizations use temporary tables for copying data in fewer cases
  • The accuracy of internal call tree determination algorithms and Build mechanisms improved, particularly in KBs with mixed online-offline scenarios. This may lead to building less or more objects and therefore change objects in Navigation Reports.
  • Support to vertical formulas for Boolean data type. E.g:
    OrdPrdConArtBas Boolean, Formula: max(CnsArtBas)
          CnsArtBas Boolean
  • The For Each command supports paging clauses SKIP and COUNT. For more information, please refer to SAC#40171
  • Concat function is evaluated by the DBMS
  • Trim and Str are evaluated by the DBMS in Informix too.
  • spc0023 and spc0017 specification errors avoid extra build times. More information at GeneXus 15 Compatibility Section
  • For each with Exit command is optimized as a 'For first' navigation