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Compatibility with GeneXus X Evolution 3

Conversion Steps

To convert a Knowledge Base (KB) from GeneXus X Evolution 3 to GeneXus 15 follow these steps:

1.A) If your KB is not connected to a GeneXus Server

1.A.1) Backup your KB since no return path is provided.
Note: An Export file (.xpz) generated with GeneXus 15 cannot be imported in previous versions.

1.A.2) Open it with GeneXus 15, it will be converted automatically when confirming this message:

TITLE: Opening Knowledge Base
This version of GeneXus uses a newer database schema for the Knowledge Base than the one it currently has; if you open it now a reorganization will be executed and you will not be able to open it with previous versions of GeneXus. Do you want to open it anyway?

If you proceed, the KB will be converted to GeneXus 15 format, and you will not be able to open it again with a previous version.

1.B) If your KB is connected to a GeneXus Server

Refer to Migrating a Knowledge Base between GeneXus Server instances for more information about converting a Knowledge Base to a GeneXus Server 15 Knowledge Base.

2) Rebuild All (*)

If your Knowledge Base uses GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) or BPM this process will update the associated database schemas. See below for more information. 

(*) If you already built for iOS with a previous GeneXus version, delete the <Environment Directory>\mobile\iOS folder before doing a Rebuild with GeneXus 15. If you don't, you may get errors in transfer or compilation time, like "Packet is too big maximum packet size is 68536 bytes."

3) Check out Navigation changes using the Navigation Comparer. Note that navigations may change given several navigation improvements. Check out 'Navigation Improvements' section at this page.

4) Test & Enjoy!

Compatibility issues or considerations to take into account

Third Party Software Requirements: Patterns and Extensions

  • If you are using Patterns, Extensions provided by others, please contact their manufacturers, because they need to provide a new version of it due to related compatibility issues

Consider the following Extensions and Patterns Compatibility in GeneXus 15


Smart devices generator

  • Requirements changes, please refer to
  • General

    • As from this version Semantic Domain applies for Images Variables on SD Panel and WWSD objects. That means, a Tap gesture on the associated control automatically triggers the menu option to "Select Image / Take Photo", when that control is not Read-Only.
      For example, suppose we programmed a User Event (i.e. Tap, DoubleTap, LongTap, etc.) over an Image Variable with Read Only property = False. In this case, the event only shows a message, but it could have a more complex business logic (e.g. setting properties, data checking, etc.). The behavior will be different on both platforms as shown below:

      GeneXus X Evolution 3 GeneXus 15
      Image Variable - GeneXus X Evolution 3 Image Variable - GeneXus Salto

      As a consequence, if you already have defined a User Event for that control it will be ignored. To keep that previous behavior, set the control associated with the Image variable as Read-Only.

    • If the Knowledgebase objects 'GxOnPendingEventFailed' or 'GxAfterEventReplicator' have been modified, Connectivity Support property of these objects has to be set to 'Online'.

    • Auto Grow property behavior changes when it is combined in Tables and Attributes inside it.
      This is because Auto grow is less restrictive than the previous version of GeneXus.
      For more information, refer to Auto Grow property and its previous version.

    • Native control creation was updated; for more information check the compatibility section.

  • iOS Generator
  • Android Generator
    • As of Android 5.0 (Lollipop), every application should follow new human interface guidelines proposed by Google: Material Design. These changes produce a new look and feel (or UI) in the applications generated for Android.
      • Application Bar theme Icon property does not take the Application Icon value as default. 
    • As of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 5, requirements for the Android SDK component are non-backward-compatible. For such reason, those virtual environments (for prototyping Android apps) generated by GeneXus as of Upgrade 5 are incompatible with those generated with previous upgrades. Refer to Android Requirements for detailed information.

GeneXus Server

GeneXus Server 15 has to be used for team development.

  • Refer to Migrating a Knowledge Base between GeneXus Server instances for more information about converting a Knowledge Base to a GeneXus Server 15 Knowledge Base.
  • GeneXus Server instances without security (i.e., without Login) are no longer supported; the new installation process defines the security for the GeneXus Server instance. That means that you have to enable HTTPS on your web server by installing an SSL certificate.
  • Internet Explorer 9 or lower versions are no longer supported.

More Information at GeneXus Server 15 Release Notes.

GeneXus Flow

  • Inbox UI has been improved.
  • When using Business Process Modeler, the one corresponding to GeneXus 15 has to be used to export/import diagrams.
  • SQL Server 2012 or higher is required when using SQL Server with GeneXus Flow.
  • Oracle 12c or higher is required when using Oracle with GeneXus Flow

More Information at GeneXus Flow 15 Release Notes.




The default Theme for new KBs is Carmine. For KBs that are migrated from X Evolution 3 and have Web Form Defaults property set to RWD, the default Theme configured is kept as is (for example, it can be Flat).

In GeneXus 15, the Work With for Web pattern pattern generates a new and more modern layout, for KBs which have Default Theme property set to Carmine.

Then, for compatibility reasons, the Work With for Web pattern generates different layouts depending on the Theme configured in the Default Theme property.

See also Applying Carmine Template settings to old-model WW objects.

In GeneXus 15, there is a property to configure the style of empty Grids which could affect the design of the application.

Noaccept on Prompt attribute does not show image/arrow to call it. SAC#43495

Built-in Modules

GeneXus 15 converts some of the objects of the KB that are maintained by GeneXuss to Built-in modules. This may affect compatibility in the following cases:

  • The namespace of all SDTs (i.e. SDT Messages) of the GeneXus Core module now is "GeneXus". This affects the compatibility of SOAP Web Services and also ToXML() and FromXML() methods that serialize those SDTs. 
  • If some definition of those objects (e.g.: added a member to the SDT Messages) has been changed by the user in previous versions, these changes are lost during KB conversion and may provoke specification, compilation or runtime errors.

If it's the case, to maintain compatibility, open the KB with a previous GeneXus version, save the affected objects with another name (do not rename) and change the references to use the new ones; convert to GeneXus 15 after that.


  • The "spc0023 - Parameter %1 %3 %2 has the wrong type." specification message, is now considered as an error instead of a warning. This is to avoid compilation or runtime errors in an early stage.
  • Default SQL Server version property value changed from "2005 to 2008 R2" to "2012 or higher". (Converted KBs keep previous value. A message like the following appears during conversion: '"SQL server version" default property value changed for SQLServer data stores; checking for property value to preserve behavior in the previous version.' )
  • Default Oracle version property value changed from "9 to 11g" to "12c or higher". (Converted KBs keep previous value. A message like the following appears during conversion: '"Oracle version" default property value changed for Oracle data stores; checking for property value to preserve behavior in the previous version.' )
  • In .NET, some Structured Data Types are serialized differently. This affects the compatibility of SOAP Web Services and also ToXML() and FromXML methods that serialize those SDTs. More information at GeneXus 15 .NET Generator.
  • The warning "spc0217: Object is unreachable" is displayed when no main object is in the caller's tree of that object. It applies to Procedures and SD Objects. For objects with this warning, neither code nor metadata is generated. This may affect compatibility if Dynamic Calls in Smart Devices are used. 
    Solution: Make dummy calls to the objects you need to add to your call tree so that they get built and included in the project.

Deprecated Features

  • Windows Desktop applications generation (.NET Win, Java Win, Visual Foxpro, Visual Foxpro Client Server, .NET Compact Framework) is not supported. Objects are shown read-only to enable easier conversion to Web or Mobile, but the generators are not included.
    If an Environment defines one of these kinds of generators, when objects are tried to be generated, a message like "error: Environment 'My Environment Name' has at least generator 'Language' that targets an unsupported platform." is displayed.
    Note: RPG and Cobol generators are supported. More Information ...
  • Ruby Generator is not supported.
  • Windows Phone and Windows 8 generators are discontinued.
  • .NET: Generation of Excel files using Apache/Jakarta POI is not supported, since GeneXus 15 .NET Generator requires .NET Framework 4.0

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