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This article is an overview of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 3 features (compared to GeneXus 15 Upgrade 2) and what needs to be taken into account to adopt it.

Upgrade 3 has been released on March 15th, 2017.


Note: The files marked as "Hotfix" in that download contain a newer version of Upgrade 3 that includes several fixes and improvements for troubleshooting related to 'HTTP 403' errors that appeared as side effects of the security improvements that this upgrade includes. More information at SAC 41179.


Knowledge Management


Smart devices

Team Development

  • Object's parts defined by Extensions, User Controls or Patterns are now marked as optional (automatically). This means that these parts will be only sent to GeneXus Server when it's strictly necessary. Refer to SAC 40880 for further information.



  • GXflow Engine requires the execution of a reorganization, given some data model changes. SAC 43262
  • &AttAutonumber = AttAutonumber after a New or Insert returns the value of the inserted PK. SAC 40860.
  • When using Push Notifications, the field named DeviceToken has to be changed to C(1024). More Information at HowTo: Use a Device's Registration Service for Push Notifications and SAC 40890.
  • Smart Devices Generator
    • The DeviceToken attribute associated with the Device transaction for registring devices must have at least 1K characters (not 256). 

    • StoreManager external object has deprecated the ProductCollection SDT (also change the parameters which use it) and also the IsEnable, EnableProduct and DisableProduct methods. As of this version includes a new property called CanMakePurchase, a new event PurchaseStateChange and a new method RestorePurchases. SAC#40999.

  • Android
    • Send Device Information on Requests has been renamed to Include Network Id in Client Information, and a special permission is required the first time the application launches on a device. More Information at ClientInformation external object.
    • Recommendation for emulation: Delete the AVD based on System Image "Intel x86" so that GeneXus creates a new one based on  "Google APIs Intel x86". More Information at Android Requirements 





Preview Channel

Before releasing, previews were available at the Preview channel: GeneXus 15 Upgrade 3 Preview  

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