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External providers allow you to send Push Notifications to both Apple and Android devices on any platform.
GeneXus supports push notifications from:


  • Infinite scalability (to send thousands of notifications per second)
  • Free
  • Control panel for managing users and send notifications
  • No own infrastructure needed for Push
  • Independence from Push Platforms


  • Registration on the provider website is required.
  • Additional configuration for Android and iOS.

Configuration Steps

1. In the Main object turn on the Enable notifications property.

2. Register the application on the provider site and get the credentials.

a. HowTo: Register an application to use OneSignal services
b. HowTo: Register an application to use JPush services

3. Set the Notifications Provider property with your desired provider and set the credentials.

Send notifications

GeneXus provides a built-in API for sending notifications. Please refer to Notification Provider API.


  • OneSignal applies since GeneXus 15 Upgrade 3. Those developers who use previous upgrades must download the PushInterop framework for GeneXus 15 and follow the instructions of GeneXus X Evolution 3 (see the previous version of this document). It is highly recommended to migrate your implementation to use this new mechanism.
  • JPush applies since GeneXus 15 Upgrade 8.


See Also

HowTo: Use a Device's Registration Service for Push Notifications
HowTo: Register an application to use OneSignal services
HowTo: Register an application to use JPush services


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