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In-App Purchase allows offering products for sale inside your smart device application. 

When including In-App Purchase in an application, the developer does not need to worry about or manage any financial transaction or payment processing. Each platform has its own framework to integrate In-App Purchase inside applications:

What is a product?

We define a product as any feature or service that you want to charge for in your application. There is a wide range of options for this depending on the application:

  • Additional content
    The user pays for photos, publications, game characters or any other relevant data.
  • New features
    The user pays to unlock menu options or game levels.
  • Application services
    For example, allowing the user to post a classified ad or upload new content.

How can products be purchased?

Platforms provide several selling options. You must choose one for each of your products.

  • One-time-purchase
    These products are purchased only once by the user and then they are available for all user devices. An example can be purchasing new game levels or application options. They are known as "Non-consumable" products in the iOS Store Kit Framework and "In-App managed by user account" products in the Android In-App Billing Service
  • One-time-service
    These are products that have to be purchased every time they are used. Posting an ad or purchasing energy levels for game characters are good examples. They are known as "Consumable" products in the iOS Store Kit Framework and "In-App unmanaged" products in the Android In-App Billing Service
  • Subscriptions
    Products or services which are purchased for a specific period of time, such as, subscriptions to magazines or publications.

How to include In-App Purchase in GeneXus applications?

The StoreManager external object provides a set of GeneXus objects for developers to interact with the stores. Take a look at the following examples for details.


In-App purchase, except for Subscriptions, is available as of GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 2.

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