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When using External Web Services Authentication Type there are two versions of the web services supported by GAM. The supported web services versions are 1.0 and 2.0. The version depends on the signature of the web service, that is, the data type of the "in" and "out" parameters it sends and receives. The web service can be generated with any tool, but it must meet some requirements, related to its soap message format.

This document explains how to give users the possibility to authenticate using GeneXus Access Manager external web services Authentication.

How to authenticate using GAM external web services authentication type

1. Define a new (Authentication Type) using GAM Web Backoffice.

It has to be "External Web Services Authentication" Type.

GAM - Java external web service example

Figure 1. Java external web service

GAM - CSharp external web service example

Figure 2. Csharp external web service.

As seen in figure 1 and 2, you have to specify the location of the web service, protocol, and all the necessary information to connect to the web service.

You need to specify the web service version (1.0 or 2.0)

The "Encryption Key" is useful in case of Genexus web services because the Encrypt64 function is used to encrypt the username and password when sent to the web service. You have to set the Encryption key used in the web service for decrypting the user and password received.

Note that the best way to protect the data is by using HTTPS.

2. Program "External Web Services Authentication" login in the Native Mobile application

The login External method of Actions external object is used. In this case, the first parameter sent to the method must be "ExternalWebService".

Event 'ExternalLogin'

3. Program "External Web Services Authentication" login in the web application

The following code is an example of executing the external login in web applications. In the case of Web Panels, the Login method of GAMRepository object is used. You need to define a variable of GAMLoginAdditionalParameters in order to specify the AuthenticationType, which is going to be used.

See the GAMExampleLogin Web Panel (which is part of the GAM - Examples), where this code is used:

&AdditionalParameter.AuthenticationTypeName = &LogOnTo //&LogOnTo is a combo box where the user selects the authentication type he wants to use. 
                                                       //This is the name of the Authentication Type. Using the example shown in figure 1 it would be "Testws2.0".
&LoginOK = GAMRepository.Login(&UserName, &UserPassword, &AdditionalParameter, &Errors )//&Errors is collection of GAMError

Note: Only one "External Web Service" Authentication Type can be defined for each GAM Repository.

LoginExternal method considerations

As since GeneXus 15 in Native Mobile applications, the Actions external object adds the LoginExternal method, which supports the &AdditionalParameters parameter.


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