HowTo: Add a Permission to a Role using GAM

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The purpose of this article is to explain the necessary steps to add a Permission to GAM Roles

All you need to do is edit the role using the GAM Backend (go through the Roles option and edit the Permissions of the selected Role).

Step 1

Enter the Roles section in the Backend. You can see all the roles that have been created there. Click on the "Edit" button of a Role (in this case "Administrator") to configure the Permissions associated to that Role, as it is shown in the following picture:

Adding permissions to a role-GAM-V18

Step 2

Once you are in edition mode of a Role, you have to click on the "More Options" button and select "Permissions" from the display Menu:

Adding permissions to a role edit role-GAM-V18

Step 3

Select the application where the Permission has been defined (remember that permissions exist within the scope of Applications and Roles. See GAM Repository structure for details).

Adding permissions to a role-select application-GAM-V18

Step 4

Click on the "Add" button to agreggate a new Permission to the "Administrator" Role.

Adding permissions to a role - add selected permission- GAM-V18

Step 5

Select the Permission you want, and press "Add selected" button.

Afterwards, you need to set the Permission Access Type on this Role (Allow, Deny, Restricted).

Adding permissions to a role-permissions options-GAM-V18

Adding a Role to a user

Just go through the "users" option at GAM Backend and edit Roles information for the corresponding user.

Select a role for a user-GAM-V18.

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