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In opening a Knowledge Base from GeneXus 18 Upgrade 4 or higher, if you use a previous version of GeneXus, it will automatically import the new version of GAM (4.0.8).

A Build performed from the IDE will automatically execute a metadata migration, immediately after that.

This version won't run a Reorganization.

While in the Development Environment the update is performed automatically and transparently, the Database update in the Production Environment requires, the developer to execute it.

  1. Migrate the metadata using the GAM Deploy Tool (GDT) through the command line.

    .NET Framework: In the directory <KB>\<NetFramework_env>\web\bin the exe is distributed.
    agamdeploytool.exe -upgradegam -admin_name gamadmin -admin_pass gamadmin123

    JAVA: In the directory <TOMCAT_DIR>\webapp\<App_Name>\WEB-INF\classes\<path_to_package> the class is distributed.
    java -cp "../../../lib/*" -upgradegam -admin_name gamadmin -admin_pass gamadmin123

    .NET: In the directory <KB>\<NET_env>\web\bin the library is distributed.
    dotnet agamdeploytool.dll -upgradegam -admin_name gamadmin -admin_pass gamadmin123
  2. If the GDT runs successfully, then the closing lines must be:
    Connecting to GAM database ...
    Data migration from 4.0.7 to 4.0.8
    >>> Success


The GAM Database is fully backward compatible. This means that you may continue using KBs with a GeneXus version prior to v18 pointing at a new Database.



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