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External Authentication Type with GAM can be defined using a SOAP web service or an external program.

In case of using a Web Service (SOAP) it must meet certain requirements in order to be used as External Web Services Authentication Type:

Type GAMWSLoginInSDT : in parameter
Type GAMWSLoginOutSDT: out parameter

In case of the Custom Authentication Type, the same data types should be used, except that in this case they are passed to the program as strings in json format.

External authentication program 1.0 data types


Name Description Type
GAMUsrLogin User identification login String
GAMUsrPwd User Password String
GAMUsrAddPar Collection of additional parameters GAMWSLoginInAddParSDT (Collection)

Type GAMWSLoginInAddParSDT

Name Description Type
GAMAddParId Additional parameter identifier String
GAMAddParValue Additional parameter value String



Name Description Type
WSVersion web service version (1.0) String

Response status:
1 = User and password ok
2 = Unknown user
3 = Invalid password
4 = User is not active

WSMessage Custom message when the user tries to authenticate String
User Information of the connected user GAMWSLoginOutUserSDT

Note: WSStatus can be any other value than 1 to 4. Numbers above 4 correspond to custom messages. In that case, the string value in WSMessage will be shown to the user when he tries to login.

Type GAMWSLoginOutUserSDT

Name Description Type
Code User identifier String
FirstName User first name String
LastName User last name String
Email User email String
Roles User roles list Collection of RoleItem  RoleItem has RoleCode (String) child.


Note: The Code (*) of the user will be mapped to the External ID property of GAMUser object when the user registers to the application.

Example of the HTTP response of the webservice 1.0:

<GAMWSLoginOutSDT xmlns="GAM">
  <WSMessage />


  • xpz of the web service 1.0 sample here
  • wsdl of the web service 1.0 sample here

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