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This article explains how to authenticate your users with Google using GeneXus Access Manager (GAM).

1. Enter to the GAM's Backend and go to the Authentication Types section. Create a new OAuth 2.0 Authentication Type and define basic information in the General section: Name, Description, Images (optional), etc.

2. In the Configuration section you need to define, for the General, Authorization, Token and User Information tab, the following:


Client ID:     client_id       Value: <clientid>
Client Secret: client_secret   Value: <clientsecret>
Redirect URL:  redirect_uri    Value: https://<server>/webapp


Response type:  response_type    Value: code
Scope:          scope            Value:
State:          state
Include ClientID and RedirectURL
Additional Parameters for Smart Devices: access_type=offline
Access code TAG: code
Error description TAG: error_description


Header Cotent type: Content-type   Value: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Grant type:         grant_type     Value: authorization_code
Include All
Aditional Parameters:
Access token TAG: access_token
Token type TAG: token_type
Expires in TAG: expires_in
Refresh Token TAG: refresh_token
Error description TAG: error_description
Validate external token = True
Refresh token URL = leave it empty. Uses the same URL used to ask for a Token. 

User Information

Method: Get
Header Content type: Content-type    Value: application/json;charset=utf-8
Do not include anything.
Email TAG: email
Verified Email Tag: verified_email
External ID TAG: id
Name TAG:  email
First name TAG: given_name
Last name TAG: family_name
Gender TAG: gender    Values: M=male&M=hombre&F=female&F=mujer
URL Image TAG: picture
URL Profile TAG: link
Language TAG: locale
Error description TAG: error_description 


As of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 11.

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