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When you set the Enable Integrated Security Property for the first time in a Knowledge Base, the following happens:

1. GAM External objects are imported into the Knowledge Base.

External objects are used to access the GAM API and are consolidated in the GAM_Library folder. 

Examples are consolidated in the GAM_Examples folder depending on the options selected during the Activation Process.

2. A secondary data store is created for storing GAM information.

This data store is called "GAM" and is created following these criteria:

If the Reorg Data store is a SQLserver datastore, the default values for "GAM" data store are as follows:

  • Database Name is the same as the Database Name of the Reorganization data store.
  • Database Schema: This property is set to "gam" by default.

The GAM repository will be located by default in the same database as the default database; however, the schema will be another one named "gam".
If the Reorganization Data store is MySQL, the default value for "GAM" data store is as follows:

  • Database Name: by default, it is set to <Default datastore database name>_gam.

The GAM repository will be under a different database by default.
In an Oracle database, GeneXus does not set any default value for the Database Name; this value must be set by the user.

3. After pressing F5, a connection to the database is established  

After pressing F5, a connection is established to the database specified in GAM data store (using the connection properties of this data store: database name, user ID, user password), checking for the existence of some tables and GAM version.

Given that these tables don't exist, the GAM database tables are created. So, the following happens:

  • The GAM database and all its tables are created. Before the tables are created, the user is asked if he/she wants to create the GAM database structure.


4. Metadata is initialized

Tables are populated with metadata.

The GAM Manager Repository and the working Repository are created.

Also, the administrator user and the connection user are created.

The default Security Policy is created, as well as the default AuthenticationType: Local Authentication Type. The default Roles are created.

5. Registration of GAM Applications is executed

The GAM Backend Application is created. It's populated with some permissions to allow building the Menu of the GAM Backoffice.

An Application is created for the Web model, and one Application is generated for each Main SD object.

Also, Permissions are generated (if Integrated Security Level property = Authorization).


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