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To start using GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) in your Knowledge Base, you just need to configure the Enable Integrated Security property to True at version level and Rebuild All.

A shortcut for enabling integrated security is offered in the main GeneXus menu: Tools > GeneXus Access Manager > Enable Integrated Security.


What happens at the Knowledge Base level after enabling integrated security?

See GAM repository creation for the first time from GeneXus.

What happens at the application level after enabling integrated security?

  • Automatic access control in each object where the Integrated Security Level property = Authentication or Authorization.
  • Automatic flow of the application after access control. Before executing any object the generated code validates if the session is valid; if not, the Login Object for Web or Login Object for SD executes and after validating the session it returns automatically to the object where the invalid session exception had been thrown.
  • Automatic check of permissions on startup if Integrated Security Level property = Authorization.

Note: GAM - Examples are consolidated in the KB if the user decides to do so, during GAM - Activation Process.

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