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The GAM examples are Web objects (Web Panels) and Mobile objects (Panels) that use the GAM API, and their purpose is to help the GeneXus user to learn how to use this API.

Another important purpose of these objects is to help the user to start using GeneXus Access Manager (GAM), as they include objects for login, registration, changing passwords, and redirecting in case of an Authorization error.

The examples comprise the GAM Backoffice, and the GAM front-end objects (ie.: Login Web Panel, Not Authorized Web Panel, Registration Web Panel, and some of the Mobile examples GAMSDLogin object, and GAMSDRegister object; used for logging and registering in Native Mobile applications respectively).

GAM Backoffice examples

The objects of the GAM Backoffice must be imported into the Knowledge Base to be used. 
They are present in GAM_Web-Administration.xpz, found in <GeneXus Installation>\Library\GAM.

GAM Front-end examples

The GAM Front-end examples can be divided into:

Web Front-end examples

The Web front-end examples are the Login Web Panel (GAMExampleLogin), the Not Authorized Web Panel (GAM_NotAuthorized), the Registration Web Panel (GAM_RegisterUser), the GAM Home Web Panel object (GAMHome), and others.

GAM example Web Panels v18u4

Some of the web object examples are referenced from the properties listed below:

Mobile examples

Gam example panels v18u4

Some of the Mobile object examples are referenced from the following properties:

The Mobile objects and the Web frontend objects are consolidated in the KB during the Activation Process, and located in GAM Examples folder. Each time a new build or upgrade of GeneXus Access Manager is installed, the user can decide whether he wants to update or not the examples in the Knowledge Base.


The user should make a "save as" of these examples if he wants to reuse their logic (or to customize the look & feel) and not to use the examples as they are distributed because they may be updated each time a new build is installed.
Because of this, the examples are not translated and distributed in all the languages, they are only distributed in English.


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