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The Rating control allows displaying a numeric variable with a "star control." It is useful when creating polls or when you want the user to rate items.


Generators: AndroidAppleAngular, Java, .NET.NET Framework
Controls: Attribute/Variable (Control Type: Rating)


Max Value

Associated Class

The Rating control has a class of the theme that allows changing its appearance. 

Rating Class property


Suppose there is a reality where people rate tourist places, giving them 0 to 5 stars. Next, a screen will be created where the average rating results will be shown.

There is a transaction where you save the Name of the place, its description, photo, and the average rating of the place.

Create the following Panel with this Layout:


Inside the Canvas, place the Image Attribute of the tourist site and the attribute that will be used to show the stars; it will have the following properties:


In this way, the control will be shown above the image and in its lower left corner.

Example of a running application
ScreenFortaleza_PNG ScreenColonia_PNG

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