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Indicates which layout of a Grid row must be displayed when it is tapped on, to show more or less information, and also to enable new actions only available when the row is selected.


Generators: Android, Apple
Controls: Grid


Consider the EventDay application, where there is a WorkWithDevicesSpeakers object with a Grid in which all the event’s speakers are loaded.

Suppose that after selecting a speaker from the grid –by tapping on it–, you want instead of calling the Detail, showing a brief biography of the speaker, and an arrow-shaped image to access further information on the speaker if desired.

Normal   "Cimas Alejandro" selected
Image_GridSpeakers   Image_GridSpeakers2

Therefore, you need two layouts for each item or line of the grid: One that is used when the line is not selected, and another one to use when it is selected. 

To create a new layout on the Grid of the Speakers List level, you have to:

  • Click on the upper right corner of the Grid.
  • In the menu that is displayed click on “Add New Item Layout”.


  • Enter the name desired for the new Layout (i.e., "SelectedItem"). Note: In this example, the default layout is also renamed as “Item”.
  • Organize the Layout as wanted (Add/Move/Remove elements). In this example, a brief biography of the speaker is shown, and an arrow-shaped image to access further information on the speaker if desired.



  • Run (F5) and see the result.

Additionally, to continue having access to the Detail level, create the following event on the arrow-shaped image of the SelectedItem layout:

Event Image1.Tap

Consideration: For the Default Selected Item Layout property to work, the Grid’s Default Layout must be different from the layout configured in that property.


This property is available since GeneXus X Evolution 3.

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