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Defines a set of actions to be performed when the object starts running. It is a Client-side Event that takes place before the Server Events (Start, Refresh, and Load). 

Since it is a Client-side Event, it has the same possibilities and limitations as any other Client-side Event.

Important: To initialize the application layout it is recommended to use Navigation Start Events instead of the ClientStart event because it may cause unwanted behavior for some Navigation Styles.


Event ClientStart

   Code associated with the event. 

The object parameters are available on this event.

The variables of this event are available for the rest of the events (that is, you can have a grid filtered by a variable assigned in the ClientStart Event).

This event is ALWAYS executed regardless of the specified security schema.


If you need to know the user's geolocation before loading the panel, you can call the Geolocation API:

Event ClientStart
       &DeviceLocation = GeoLocationAPI.GetMyLocation(10,10,true,true)


Objects:  PanelMenu

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