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To get software solutions done really fast, developing them fast is not enough because you also need to make them available fast. This is important in web development in general, but especially when building applications for smart devices. Getting an application "on the air" fast reduces time to market and this is a crucial need.

GeneXus automates deployment, based on Amazon servers, for prototyping applications.

Steps for prototyping

  1. First, create a new environment with Java or .NET generator and set it as the target environment. This step is not required but recommended.
  2. Set the Deploy to cloud property to YES. This action automatically sets a default value for the necessary properties (Application Service URL, DBMS, etc.)
  3. Click on RUN, and enter a GeneXus Developer Account details as requested.
    The application is deployed and ready to be used all over the world.
    More information on this Deploy to cloud: Step by Step.

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