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The .NET generator gives you the possibility to develop .NET Web applications taking advantage of GeneXus 15.

This page shows features that only the .NET generator ships or other special considerations . For features that are common to Java refer to GeneXus 15 Web Generators.

Compiler Output improved

Now the compiler is called with the /nologo flag, so the output window will not show anymore lines with the c# compiler logo.

Software Requirement Changes

Since GeneXus 15 Upgrade 10, .NET Framework 4.6 is required. More Information: GeneXus 18 hardware and software requirements

Change in Structured Data type Serialization that affects Compatibility

There is a change in how SDT (Structured Data Type) collections are serialized. The change is that just the item name is mentioned in the Items Collection, not its fully qualified name.



Serialized in GeneXus 15:

<MySDT xmlns="ToXMLTest">

Serialized in GeneXus X Evolution 3 or prior:

<MySDT xmlns="ToXMLTest">
   <MySDT.ItemGroup xmlns="ToXMLTest">

This change affects SOAP Services exposing SDTs like this, ToXML() and FromXML() of SDTs like this. SOAP Services exposing SDTs with this breaking change must be generated and imported again.

Note: This change does not affect Business Components serialization

.NET Win generation is not supported

As stated in GeneXus 15 Compatibility Section, GeneXus 15 does not support Windows generation.
You may have been used to develop Batch processes using that generator. Note that you can generate them with the Web generator too (Set Main Object = True, Call Protocol = Command Line).

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