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This article shows specific improvements and changes that have been done for the Web Generator.

Responsive Web Design applications 

  • For new KBs Web Form Defaults property is set to Responsive Web Design by default.
  • A new Theme is introduced: Carmine. The default Theme value is Carmine for new KBs, and it remains with the previous values for KBs opened with GeneXus X Evolution 3.
  • The WW pattern generates different layouts depending on the Default Theme value. If the Default Theme is Carmine (or a save as of it), the pattern WW generates layouts with a better user experience using the Carmine Theme.


           On the other hand, if the Default Theme isn't Carmine, the layout generated by the WW pattern is the same as the traditional one.

Improvements for agile development 

Web Mobile and Mobile friendly applications

Improvements in runtime performance and security

  • Global Events are a way of solving the communication problem of the components of a page. It results in a better performance and user experience as the web components communicate without the need to refresh the whole page. See HowTo: Use Global Events in Web Objects.

  • The variables that aren't input of any event aren't sent to the client in the Ajax response because they aren't needed to be persisted.
    This change brings the following benefits:

    1. Less traffic is sent from the server to the client
    2. It solves security concerns 

Big Data & Cloud


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