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The Native Mobile generator makes it easy to develop apps with high UX/UI requirements, both for Android and Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod, watchOS, tvOS) apps.

It generates both online and offline native mobile apps and is capable of synchronizing with a central server. The generated apps can execute transactions in scenarios of limited or no internet connectivity, thus making it the ideal solution for apps serving point-of-sale (POS), inventory control, and distribution purposes.

Easily Create Native Mobile Apps

You can easily generate Native Mobile applications through the Objects for Native Mobile applications development, for Android and Apple. Create Native Mobile and compelling apps once, deploy them everywhere.

Run and Improve

GeneXus automatically creates the native mobile applications so you can run, test, and improve them.


With just one click, GeneXus publishes your native mobile application to the Cloud or Market.


Requirements are depending on the platform that will be used, but both platforms can be used simultaneously.


Native Mobile Applications Development

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