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Localizes your application into a certain language.


Every Knowledge Base automatically contains some predefined Language objects (you can create a Language object, too) that can be referenced later for translation.

To be able to translate your application, you must first select one of the predefined Language objects (or create a new one). See GeneXus Application Localization, for more information. 

A Language object contains a list with predefined texts plus other texts to be translated (for example all the strings that appear in your GeneXus Knowledge Base like attribute descriptions, strings as literals included in sources, inside Msg and Error rules, etc.). In other words, all translatable text appears in the list so that you can complete their corresponding translations for the respective language.

Additionally, this object has some Properties that you may set. They will be taken into account like the date format for that language.

Also, has a Documentation section so that you can describe information about the Language you are creating.

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