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Grids in Native Mobile Applications support the Auto Grow property. Its purpose is to enable scrolling of the whole screen and not only the grid when the grid has more rows to show than the display can show.

Take a look at the Light CRM default screen:


What if you want the text block "The Companies listed are the following" to scroll too when scrolling the Grid

Using Auto Grow Property the Grid can be configured so that when a Grid grows the scroll moves the whole screen instead of just scrolling the grid.



  • The Cells of the Grid must be of fixed height. No element inside de Grid should have Auto Grow enabled.
  • The Grid can't have the search option available.
  • A grid with Auto Grow can't have paging. This is because as the scroll is not going to be on the grid the next page of records is never retrieved from the server.
  • The grids in a table with Auto Grow enabled must have the Auto Grow property set too. Grids with the scroll in a panel with scroll (nested scrolls) do not work due to Android limitations.


You can see this example working on the LightCRM (X Evolution 2) sample.


  • In case that Rows property=N (a numeric value) and Autogrow=False, the Grid control will not make pagination, it will load only N rows instead.


This options is available as of GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 4.

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