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LightCRM is a fully web and mobile application that allows sales people manage their contacts and lead meetings.

  • Manage contacts, companies and meetings.
  • Log the information of your lead meetings.
  • Register contact and company info gathered during discovery calls.

GeneXus features

Feature KB Version Objects Comments Availability
CRUD, Semantic Domains Original Transactions and objects generated by patterns Basic CRUD using some Semantic Domains for integration with device's features. xev2u3
Auto Grow in Grids for Native Mobile Applications AutoGrowGrids WW WorkWithDevicesCompany The grid of the List section has the AutoGrow property set to Yes.  xev2u4 
HowTo: Use the Invisible Mode propertyInvisible Mode property VisibleMode WW WorkWithDevicesMeeting ---> Section(General) In the Layout, see the Visible property of Table3 and Table4 set to False and the Invisible Mode property set to "Collapse Space". Then see the Events section. xev2u4
ControlValueChanged event ControlValuechangeSD WW WorkWithDevicesContact The Event is programmed in the General Section. xev2u4 
Drag & Drop DragAndDrop WW WorkWithDevicesMeeting The attribute MeetingTitle can be dragged to delete the meeting. xev2u4

Note: The following link may help you if you don't know the steps to test a feature or built the application to see it in action: HowTo: Take advantage of a KB referenced in this wiki


The Trunk version has been developed and designed for GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 3.
The KB to be used with GeneXus X Evolution 3 is LightCRM.


Start Video LightCRM App for Android
Start Video LightCRM App for iOS

LightCRM in action!

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